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About Us

We The Good Team Photo

We The Good was assembled by a volunteer team dedicated to developing a platform for inspiring people to “Be The Good” and give back to their neighbors in need during a time of crisis.

Meet the team

The City of Good Angels

Spreading good joy and hope to all

Nadya Hutagalung

Multi-tasking chocolate loving mama

Derek Ong

Volunteered his brain (from home)

Dan Thorman

The tech guy that always shows up to ZOOM meetings in his pajamas

Sakina Sakerwalla

Project managing from the terrace (most of the time) drenched in sweat

Desmond Koh

Nadya’s Plus One

Shane Lee

My heart beats for your clicks because sharing is always caring

Charmaine Seah

Connecting good design with great ideas

Nick Lynch

The guy who needs better lighting

Elementary Co.

Being The Good, one great branding project at a time

Empowering The Good with data

We The Good invite YOU to join us and BE the Good