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Individuals and Families at Risk

Home is not a safe space for many. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect are real issues faced by people in Singapore everyday. Children who don’t have access to home-based learning because they are without laptops or internet connectivity, elderly who live alone, and children who are not receiving attention and love for various reasons.

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Star Shelter – SCWO

SCWO StarShelter provides temporary refuge for women and children who are……

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Casa Raudha

Casa Raudha provides shelter and empowerment programs for women and children……

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WeCare SG

South Central Community Family Service Center (SCC) supports low-income……

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AWWA serves over 16,000 persons yearly with a focus on children and adults with educational……

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Alzheimer’s Disease Association

ADA provides day care services for people with dementia, as well as other services……

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O’Joy supports adults and seniors struggling with, or at risk of mental health issues such as…….

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Hope Initiative Alliance

Hope Initiative Alliance supports the migrant worker population and during Covid-19……

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HOME provides services to, and advocates on behalf of, migrant workers. During the pandemic……

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HealthServe supports the migrant worker community through providing medical care, counseling……

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Singapore Association for Mental Health

Singapore Association for Mental Health provides support for people with mental illness……

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Lions Befrienders

Lions Befrienders Service Association addresses the various needs of more than
20,000 seniors……

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Beyond Social Services

Beyond Social Services supports children and youth to break the cycle of poverty and has set up……

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Tsao Foundation

Tsao Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life……

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